Ben Colder

I Walk The Line No. 2

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Hmm as sure as day is dark and night is light
Hey I don't think that I said that right
Well anyway I'm flyin' high tonight
I feel fine I walk the line

Hmm I find it very very easy to be true
But the question is to be true to who
Cause I ain't got no one to be true to
And that's just fine I walk the line

Hmm there's winding road that runs right by my shack
It was late last night I started back
When a patrolman drove right up to find
I paid the fine couldn't walk the line

I find it very very hard to hit these notes
But that's the lowdown way this song is wrote
I think I need a little something to wet my throat
Thank you friend I walk the line

Hmm I find it very very easy to forget
That Johnny Cash is the one that wrote this hit
I guess I might get sued a little bit
He was a friend of mine I walk the line

Autor(es): Johnny Cash

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