Ben Colder

I Walk The Line No. 3

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Has sure as day is dark and night is light
Hey I don't think that I just said that right
Well anyway I'm flying high tonight
I feel fine I walk the line

You skinny little dickens
I find it very very easy to be true
But the question is to be true to who
Cause I ain't got no one to be true to
Any offers (yea) thank you wait in the bus

[ guitar ]
Yeah Leroy get your lick in

There's a winding road that runs right by my shack
It was late last night when I started back
When the patrol man he drove right up behind
I paid the fine I couldn't walk the line

[ guitar ]
Leroy your hogging the show son

Ah there's the group gettin' their lick in

[ piano ]
Ah and there's Hargus baby
This is the hard part here boys and girls
'scuse me ladies

I find it very very hard to hit these notes
But that's the lowdown way this darned song is wrote
I think I'll get me a little something to wet my throat
Little of this 'em embalming fluid

Ahummmmmmm I'll be ready in a minute

Hummmmmm hummmm that's good
Alright I tell you what I want everybody give everybody in this room a drink right now
I tell you what get everybody in this room a drink right now
And make darn sure you collect for it too
You know I don't want you folks to think that I drink up here on stage
Just because Dean Martin and some of them big stars do
I know I just like to drink that's all
Now let's see if I can sing my way out of this mess
Give me a still there just one time now group
Now I got it
I keep my eye propped open all the time
I keep my arms out for you Clementine
I keep my pants up with a little piece of twine
Please be mine and you can pull the (still)
It's been wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful
And let's all go to the bar now for a little touch
Oh I don't like that smart alecky piano player around just can't stand it there jealous
Commercial Hershal and all Mershall and all them Fred especially
Fred let me from you
Ahhhhhhhh OK that's it Freddie

Autor(es): Johnny Cash

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