Stephen Lynch

I Wanna F Your Sister

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I gotta tune that im gonna sing with my buddy mark here (ok)
I wrote this cuz me and mark have been friends
for a really really long time and uh
I think what makes us such good friends is
that we're complete opposite, you know what i mean (yeah)
(we just like different)well that makes us such good friends too rick thank you. Yeah why is everyone doin the universal
sign for BJ, so we wanted to celebrate the fact that we like different things with a little song, it goes something like this:

I like my toast buttered
and i'll take my dry
I dig the beatles
im a stones kind of guy
I have fine taste
and I like things cheap
I wanna stay up all night
I just wanna sleep..........with your sister
(What did you just say-- what? you just said soemthing--no no i wanna sleep--ready here we go--no im not ready)
I love the sunshine
and IIII wanna nail your sister ( no see you just said it again)
I like julia roberts movies
i just wanna f the s outta your sister(no this is...)
hey Mark you would rule(no)...if youd say its cool(its not cool)...Id go
pick her up at her junior highschool yeah your sister (that sister) yeah ( i thought you were talking about my older sister?)
I wanna f your sister(no you will not F my sister), i wanna f her in the a (no I dont know what your saying) and just c all over her chin ( stop, stop using letters)
well i'd stick my fist and her v (stop that, im serious) and I move it around then I move into her a hole (NO,NO) it'd be so f ' in great I'd nail her, yeah I wanna MACK your sister!
NO Im serious Stop it .....what?....I wanna make one thing clear....I do not like Julia Roberts movies!! LOL

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