Sonic Syndicate

Lament Of Innocence

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You cut my wings and throw me out
Out to the land, my soul was harvested from

I have never done anything to you
You never made my dreams come true
But this deceit will cost you all
I have never, never believed in you...

If you are my abel
I will be your kain
In this lament of innocence
If you are a fire
I will be the rain
I will always be your bane

Thorn in my mind
The oath i swore
Left me behind
I`ve done nothing wrong
Your unforgivable mistreat
Won´t come cheap for your kind

My hatred will never run dry
You'll always be the one i defy
Until the deceiver will be dethroned
And consumed in flames...

Autor(es): Richard Sjunnesson / Roger Sjunnesson

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