I Wanna Rock

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It`s Friday Night Again
Call Up My Girlfriend
She Wants to See a Show
But I Don`t Wanna Go
Know How That Movie Ends
Girl Gets the Guy
I`m Tired of Living Life Through Someone Else`s Eyes

No More Foolish Wishin
My Heart Is On a Mission
I Want a Real Man
The Kind Who Understands
Someone Who Takes Control
And Gives Me What I Need
Holds An Open Door
And Sweeps Me Off My Feet

I Wanna Rock
Steady and Strong
Somebody I Can Lean On
I Wanna Rock
With Arms of Steel
To Hold Me All Night Long
Warm and Sweet Ain`t My Cup of Tea
So As Far As I`m Concerned
Until I Find Rock
I`m Leavin no Stone Unturned

I`m Lookin For a Love That Will Never Faltar
My Very Own Gibralter
Solid to the Core
That`s What I`m Lookin For
Rough On the Surface
Toughened By the Cold
But If You Dig a Little Deeper
Find a Heart of Gold


Ain`t Nothin Wrong With a Little Sensitivity
Sometimes a Women Simply Got Other Needs

Yeah,i Wanna Rock...


Unturned...yeah Until I Find a Rock
Im` Leavin no Stone Unturned
No Stone Unturned..oh,yeah..yeah,
I Wanna Rock

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