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Lamia's love
Stolen from the gods hearts
One day she went down from the abyss
She lost her wings in the storm's affection
And got married to despair

On the cold abyss
On the breasts of dark marriage
Love cried
A weeping that fertilized
The womb darkness

Among the ties of despair
The one who shouldn't be born
Cried out for his life
Through the tears of a child
With a monstrous face
Masked by shame
Through Lamia's belly
Arose the cursed flesh
Of her children

Children of shame
Devour life to you denied
Purify your essence
In the arms of vengeance
On the blood bed

Children of Lamiai
Claim your part on the banquet
In pain's refinement
Find your delight
Find your relief
In the torment of flesh