I Want a Broken Heart Tattoo

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Do you see that star?
That's how far i am from you.
Cause i'm running away for good.
I'm already sick of you and it's only been 15 minutes.
She said.

I'm up to my neck in teen drama
Not only that, where's chads llama...still.
I've got a list of girls that wanna get with me
And another list that want to kill me, figuratively.
But i've got my eyes and heart set on a girl who's my world.
She's coming over now.

Doesn't it matter whether or not i'm cool?
Wouldn't it be nice if i had a pool?
And if i don't then just throw me out.
Don't have a cow.

I've got a note from the nurse,
That says i can miss class today.
She says my heart's so broken,
That i'll probably always be that way.
I should get a tattoo to always remember you
And all the stupid things i do
Whenever you would want me to.

I see that star.
That's how far you are from me.

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