Electric Frankenstein

I Want More

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I'm a monster trapped in human form
Despise me and I'll return the favor
This air-conditioned nightmare
Brings out the beast in me

We're the one in ten, invisible men
Things just aren't what they seem
With me the judge, you the blame
It's DOA, - everyday

I Live the American Dream
- with a scream
And I want some more
- of that bad stuff

I want some more
I want some more
I want some more
l want some more

So cruel, so silent a bloody purge
Of the shelter and deadening of apathy
One by one. it will be done
Replacing those who are now pure stone

To feel the real and need it more
Highest honor comes from how deep you know
There's one for one and only one
Feel me now and lose control

Autor(es): Donato Canzonieri / Electric Frankenstein / Jim Foster / Sal Canzonieri / Steve Miller

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