Kid Down

I Want To Be A Kid

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Please don't kill me
Please don't go
Warmer days to come
Yes the final lap came knocking at my door
And the sun light said, "Hello"

I know it's hard to see
But I locked on every target this year
Yes, I am like a shark and
I don't have time to start a career

Like when I was a kid
Stay forever young
We jumped around like ninjas
and our friends they tried to join

We had the coolest tree house
Missions to complete
Now shake your booty, keep on moving close to the beat

I recall
The memories, the dreams we had before
All we have
Are regets but hope of a new tomorrow

Can we make it?
Can we leave old dreams?
Did you know we're far behind?
We're breaking up with what's been said
Renew the promises we had
And sing, "Wooaaoah"
Yes we should unite
one last time

The second time around
And they're on the verge of throwing us out
So shoot the one's we lost
And let's bring some people that we can trust

So don't let us head across the country
It's time for the grown ups to discuss
And this time we have no room for gangsters
We just want to leave the past behind
And sing...

Get up, get up
We're the same old kids
That need to feel the rush again
And you passed the test
You are a mess like me

So breathe in, breathe out
We're blinded by
The smoke that did surround us
Now you've passed the test
So join the mess with me