Tony Joe White

I Want To Be With You

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You light up a room the moment you walk in
You could break a heart without even knowin'
Just in the way you smile the way you move
You say hello I want to be with you

And when I feel your warm embrace you make it seem like yesterday
Touchin' in that special way lovers do
Just when I was gettin' use to goodbye you walk right back into my life
Somehow you make it feel so right I want to be with you

Remember when we danced alone in the dark
Just two people moving to the rhythm of their hearts
Making love at dawn and on into the afternoon
Nothing's changed I want to be with you

And you say it can be just like before maybe even something more
I know you need the door left open wide
So there will be no promises made we won't talk about goodbye
For now we've got tonight and I want to be with you

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