The Knack

I Want Ya

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You wanna know
Why I would let you go
You'll never know
How I must feel
And now you cry
And now you wonder why
I ever said
My love was real
Though my eyes are far from dry
True love shows the way
I tried unsatisfied
To let you see my way
Can't you see my way

Cause I want ya
Ooh you make me reel
You know I want ya
Do you feel it too
Because I want ya
Surrender love today
Love isn't fade away

You give me love
If you can call it love
Or is it yours
Or is it for me
You know it hurts
Why won't you say the words
And if you won't
Please let me be
I'm not trying
To say you're mine
You can walk away
I cried part of me died
When you turned away
Why'd you turn away

Can't you feel me tremble
At the touch of your skin
Gimme gimme gimme something that I can believe in

Autor(es): Doug Fieger