I Want You Babe

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what`s up my boy
that I feel so lonely today
what`s up my boy
I had to start all over again

but stay on what you just said to me
and wipe that grin of your face boy
I feel this pain is everywhere
and all your words, oh it hurts boy

Ref.: I want you babe and I need you babe
stay that night
I´m crying babe and I love you babe
hold me tight

oh baby, it hurts that much...

what`s up my love
my wild fancies have all been pushed home
what`s up my love
I don`t get a wink of sleep

I feel my heart but I`ve lost my body
I curl my lips at your dirty words
I put it down to ignorance
but that hurts even more

what`s up my love - oooooh
what`s up my love


oh baby, it hurts that much...
hey - what`s up