Right Away, Great Captain!

I Was A Cage

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It must have been a month since you last loved me
And I haven't slept a wink I hope you care
And I went to hell and back for half and hour
And started a staring contest with your man

And I was a cage
A cage to you

And it has to been a year since I was sober
And I made a point to pinch my skin again
Its any minute now that I will wake you
Watching a woman sleep can get you scared

But I am a cage
Surrounding you

But I am afraid
Of the truth
Inside of you

I could use a friend to say they love me
But im gonna make a sound you cant forget
And afterwards I swore that I would haunt you
Now im way to tired to give a shit

Cause I was a wave
Collapsing you

Yeah I was a wave
Collapsing you

I am away
coming up to you

Well I was away

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