Slow Club

I Was Unconscious, It Was a Dream

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I'll let you say I love you
When I know I'll never say it back
And you open up the floodgates
And wipe the village clean off the map
Yeah, oh wipe the village clean off the map

We sat with the bay-leaves and royalty
Into the part where everything was free
And you inch yourself closer on that leather bench
I stare at the frames while you see the, the banquet scene
I, stare at the frames while you see the banquet scene

And all of this because I've been screaming
Girl's names in the night
I was unconscious, it was a dream
Just let it die, die, die
And you ask me to get blind blind drunk
So I'll sleep the whole night long
And I'll ask you to stop picking faults
Cause you'll miss me when I'm gone

The rope it broke and I fell into the canyon
I run my hand down the arc of your spine
And your heart it aches for the lives that you will never lead
We come and go but someday I will find the time
To, lie beside you for one whole night

Autor(es): Charles Watson / Rebecca Taylor

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