Lord Huron

I WIll Be Back One Day

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I wanna live in a land of lakes
Where the great waves break
And the night runs right into the day
I wanna be with ones i left
But i'm way out west
And the years keep on slipping away
I wanna run on the sacred dunes
Through the ancient ruins
Where the fires of my ancestors burned
I remember that fateful day
When i ran away
And you told me i couldn't return

You made me swear i'd never forget
I made a vow i'd see you again
I will be back one day, and i'll find you
There by the great big lake

I been running a long, long time
Trying to flee that life
But i can't seem to leave it behind
Wanna visit the windswept shores
Of a time before
When the moon and the stars were aligned
I remember the bright spring day
When you sparked that flame
And a fire that continues to burn
I remember the day i left
Headin' way out west
When you told me to never return

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