Nick Jonas & The Administration

I Will Be The Light

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I can see it in your eyes
Tell me what's on your mind
Don't keep it all inside,
Iam here for you
Did somebody bring you down?
turn your smile into a frown?
I'll hlep you work it out
when the answer's hard to find
I will give you peace of mind

When you need a friend to call
I'll be right there beside you
To shelter you and guide you
on this you can rely
When the teardrops start to fall
I will be there to dry them
Before you can cry them
In the darkest night
I will be the light

you can share your secrets here
There's no need to be afraid
My love will never change
It's unconditional
Live the dawn in your heart
Knocked down an torn apart
I'll help you make a start
and build it up again
Help you shine the light within


Everybody's searching
for somebody to believe in
Everybody needs someone to care
A shoulder you can cry on
A love you can rely on
So reach out and trust me if you can
Just take my hand


Autor(es): Nick Jonas

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