Julie Masse

I Will Be There

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When I close my eyes
I can always see the shining
garden you left me
And I ask the magic stars if you can
Rise up like phoenix
And touch my hand

You know sometimes it's hard
living here without you
Send me your angels of wonders tonight
I will hear you

If you ever get hurt and your sunlight is lost
You don't have to give in
You don't have to give up
If the skies above rain and thuner despair
Just cry on my shoulder
I will be there

When I'm feeling sad
I look to your world
Where all the colours lead my way
There I sing with joy
I dance on the clouds
For I am near you

It tears me heart inside
We never said goodbye
All of the words left unspoken
I send you forever

(repeat chorus)

Don't ever think that I won't
Carry your spirit or carry your dreams for me
Don't ever be afraid
That I won't catch your soft light made

(repeat chorus)

If you ever lose faith
Please don't be afraid
'Cause I won't let your soft light fade
I will be there

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