Rodney Atkins

I Will Come to You

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I never thought I'd live to see you leave me
But just like the rainfall it's coming down
And something says I shouldn't try to stop
Even though I want to I just don't know how
I guess the price of your plans is worth cashing in
All our yesterdays but baby someday

I will come to you like the sweetest revelation
Like the words that you're not saying
Like a name that you once knew
I will come to you
Maybe in song you'll see me and realize you need me
And baby when you do I will come to you

Remember when we went from second guessers
To midnight confessors we had no fear
How it finally felt to have someone to run to
Somewhere to come to baby I'm still there
I know you'll find your way back to this place
If you follow your heart then stay where you are

[Chorus: x2]

Autor(es): Bruce Gaitsch / Rodney Atkins / Ted Hewitt

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