Rhonda Vincent

I Will See You Again

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It was a gathering of some 300 people
In the little church the crowd began to swell
Quite a send off for a simple country farmer
For many loved and knew the old man well

And as his bride of 60 years came forward
She bravely walked to where his body lay
A hush fell over all that stood around her
She smiled through tears as she began to say

I will see you again
For this isn’t the end
You’re my forever friend
And i will see you again

Ever since a simple carpenter from nazareth
Walked the mountains and the shores of galilee
Ever since he died and rose again on easter
Death doesn’t have the same old victory

Tonight i’ll lay my head upon his pillow
And cry until the breaking of the day
But even in the pain of separation
There’s a hope inside my heart that lets me say

Jesus, he made a way
There is coming a day
So i will hold on ‘til then
And i will see you again

I will hold on ‘til then
And i will see you...again.

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