Joss Stone

I wish

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Yeah, yeah, ooh
I think I'm going out of my head
It's time to take a second apart
Things will get better you say
Boy, it's been like this from the start, oh boy
All the vicious things that you did
Need to be left in the dark, oh, oh
Tried to give you all of my love
But you wind up breaking my heart

Baby, you should pack your things, ooh
Baby, you should take back your ring
Baby, you should be glad I'm being
So calm about this
I finally had enough of your shit

I wish I never met you
Then I wouldn't feel nothing at all
Boy I should left you
I should have left your ass
A long time ago
If I could forget you
I find myself a real man
I never should have let you
I never should have let you
Go and fuck up my head, no no

Autor(es): A. Stevenson / J. Stone / T. Reyes

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