Jimmy Buffett

I Wish Lunch Could Last Forever

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The place down the block, the one
with no clock
Covert rendezvous with you at the
usual time
I savor the scent of the fish on
the grill
Life's so spicy up on bar-b-q-hill

Lookin' good, you look so fine
Waiter bring us one more bottle of wine

I wish lunch could last forever
Make the whole day one big afternoon
We'll begin with dessert a little coconut tart
Mmmm tastes as sweet as a piece of your heart
Cafe au lait beneath the Paris moon

Don't hide you eyes just wear your disguise
Brazil's in the air I swear it feels like Mardi Gras time
I savor the scent love that Anik Goutal
As we walk in time to the cathedral bell


I wish lunch could last forever
Make the whole day a first time love affair
We'll begin with a kiss, such a warm place to start
Let me into your life, let me into your heart
Mea culpa mea culpa carnivals in the air

Autor(es): Jay Oliver / Jimmy Buffett

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