I Won't Let Go

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Oh look what i've done for you
I've made it all for you, ive come to set it right
Oh oh oh look what i made for you, i've come to set it right,
Can't stay this way, can't stay this way
Shouldn't feel this way.

I won't let go, i'm never gonna let go,
Pity you should say it cos' it never really means a thing,
I wont let go, i'm never gonna let go,
I won't let go, i won't let go. x2

Oh look what you've done to me, you took it all away,
Took it all in just one night,
Oh oh i'll say that it's all for you
But you took it all away
Cant play this game, cos' its not the same,
Shouldnt feel this shame,
Never gonna feel it again


Oh no no no no

I cant stay this way, cant stay this way,
Shouldnt feel this way,
Shouldnt feel this way,
Cant stay this way,
Oh no no no