I Wouldn't Trade This For The World

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Everyday I wake up I'm in love with you so much
And i wouldnt have it any other way
Slip on my jeans, tie my shoes get in my car i'm off to see you
It's a fairy tale thats come to life you're the princess and i'm the prince
I can't believe that you feel the same for me
But you do, but you do
Take my hand and grasp it tight hold me all through the night

Said I wanna spend forever with you
Whatever happens we can get through
I am yours and you are mine
For now and until the end of time
I never knew I could be so happy
Thank you for all thats happened
And i just want you to know
I wouldnt trade this for the world

Do I dare to say the three words, I love you
I want to but I'm scared of what it could mean
What if you dont like me back
And would you ever say it too maybe so maybe not
Ok I'll dare, i said it now i hope you're happy
Just let it slip out of my mouth
Oh you love me too? i'm so happy I could die
I think my heart just skipped a beat
But instead of dying I hold you tight, I love you I love you!

I've never felt this much for anyone

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