Blink 182

Last Words From Satan

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Tom: I think Satan has a couple comments.

Satan: Well kids, it's been a really fun show.
And I want you all to know we will come back soon.
But before I go I wanna say, I think Tom is extremely good-looking
And all the girls out there should think hes good looking.
Tom has one of the best butts that I've ever seen.
Shimmy-shimmy-co-co-bop-shimmy-smimmy right.
Shimmy shimmy co-co-bop.
Does anybody here wanna sleep with me?
I'm really a nice guy.
It's really not satan.

Tom! It's me! It's not satan!
Let's all be happy he's not here and say "Fuck Satan"

Allright, hey, uh, I'm outta jokes and outta songs.
I think were done.