Die Warzau

Jack Hammer

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This time around we're in the human race
it's like a far off place
It's time to feel, it's time to live just like a ship in the ocean
it's time to live just like we have no devotion

Feel just like a man in a uniform
it's a political storm
We want to look, we want to breathe as though we have some time
... Although you may die this way at least you have a democratic mind

Jack, jack

We stand along to the pyramids
We move the sound, we breathe the air just like the pharaohs did
I have to fight I have to give just like I am an island
If I could live a thousand years like this I'd still stay silent

Like when, like when I'm paging through the magazines
I feel the of those dying scenes
So far away I haven't been like this for too many places
somehow I feel that way surrounded by faces

I found the symmetry of human form
We ride the waves of the nuclear storm
the technological races
time for fantasy, the popular faces

Till then we're in the arms of the faded man
are there any Die Warzau fans out there?
not nearly enough and no one will ever properly lay out these lyrics
come on Jim help us out here
feel like this as long as I care
no way for me, you know I am a democratic man


please tell me that there any Die Warzau fans out there somewhere

Autor(es): Jim Marcus / Van Christie