Franz Ferdinand

Jackie Jackson

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Well Jackie Jackson was a greedy boy
That's right he liked to stuff his face
The thing that gave that boy the greatest joy
Was eating far too many cakes

And he ate one two three four
But Jackie wanted more
Five six seven eight
Jackie had another plate
And by the time he got to twenty
Anybody would of thought that he had plenty

By he had another eight
Which makes it twenty eight
So when he got to twenty eight
He stopped
He stopped eating cakes but only because he had run out of cakes

But Jackie Jackson was a greedy boy
Yes he said i've not had enough
I think that I could eat a thousand cakes
That I could eat a thousand more

Because, because I love the taste of tasty cakes
I think i'll find myself some more
And he did
He went down to the local shop where there were loads of cakes
Loads of cakes
So he ate one two three four five and six
Well Jackie was a little bit sick
And he didn't stop and he got to eight
And said I love the taste of cakes
I love the taste of cakes
I'll eat all day and I'll eat all night
And one two three four Jackie had a little bit more
And seventeen he said I need to eat until the shop is clean
And cakes and all the cakes pass through my mouth I munch them up and then i'll put the munched up cakes into my large expanding gut My large expanding gut

And he did, he ate thirty two cakes in that shop and he'd already eaten twenty eight cakes and twnety eight and thirty two that means he'd eaten sixty cakes

Well, do you think Jackie Jackson had eaten enough cakes

Well Jackie Jackson was a greedy boy
He said I'll never have enough
He ate ten twenty thirty forty, Jackie said he'd never thought he'd
Gotta eat so many tasty cakes and ate another eighty
Jackie gave a little moan and his stomach gave a little groan
Jackie yelled and cried oh no, I think my belly's overloaded, My belly's overloaded

Jackie exploded

He'd eaten over two hundred, two hundred, two hundred cakes
He eaten over two hundred cakes and Jackie Jackson

...Well Jackie was dead

Autor(es): Franz Ferdinand

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