Dave Dudley

Jack Knife

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I left Seattle runnin' late
It was rainin' rainin' rainin' cats and dogs
The road was slick and full of little tricks
Like a walkin' on a slick hickory log
I had five axles in a white Mustang
Pullin' seventy thousands on behind
As I rolled her out of town to turn Fort Lynn around
I built a fire and let her unwind
Blindin' lights rainy night jack knife

[ ac.guitar ]
Well I made that mountain well over the top
And I rolled down all the way
I went into a kerb that took a lotta nerve
As I left that mountain sway
As that tandem shuttered then settled down
I heard her airhold snap
There was no doubt I had to write it out
Or let her jack knife in my lap
Blindin' lights rainy night jack knife

[ ac.guitar ]
There's a lot of operators who can tell you how
A runaway rig can kill
So I said me a prayer and then I hit the air
And let her jack knife off of that hill
Well I crawled out of a pile of junk
And walked away with a smile
I got out with my life
But a mean jack knife put me walkin' for a while
Blindin' lights rainy night jack knife jack knife

Autor(es): Roy Baham

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