Bill Ward

Jack's Land

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Stop the night,

My thoughts get louder
After dark.
Ooh, the lies
The crazies tell me this much,

It's a simple enough task, boys,
To find a living miracle,
But the living ain't easy,
I need a shot of medicine.

Start the day,
My head denies I'm breathing,
It likes to say,
"Am I here or leaving me?"

There's a want that I ask
All the Time.
Possession of my right mind.
You're not deaf,
But I still have to shout.
Watch out, there's lots
Of thieves about.

Along, along the way
I stand beside myself
And look at all my world.
No need to tell me.

I see dead men playing.
I hear cries from many.
I see tears and then some.
I hear hope, I'm hoping.

I'm caught with all
The shutters down.
Who's looking through my window?
I had to close the saddest eyes.

[Repeat 1st and 2nd Bridges]

[Ozzy Scat Simultaneously with 3rd Bridge:]

You've got to be a winner
You've got to be cool
You've got to be a winner
you've got to be cool

I see me inside you.
I hear fear and then some.
I see children playing,
I see hope, I'm hoping.

Faraway (way)
I hear a memory calling me.
I'd like to stay,
But my obsession wants to play

Autor(es): Bill Ward / Jimmy Yeager