Wu-Tang Clan

Jah World

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Him speaketh in tongues, embedded into the hearts of all flesh
Yeah, stanyoi, whoi

Oh, God, I beg for forgiveness
So help me, Lord, yes, I beg for forgiveness
Deep in my heart, please, I'm cryin' for forgiveness
Allah, You Akbar, I fall to my knees for forgiveness

Branded by the steel iron, bullets flyin'
Ladies bein' hit through wickedness, I'm losin' my grip
I thought we lived by the books, The Bible, Koran
We pick cotton, my back is still hot an' dark
An' they threw burners in our babies' faces
Pale hands that looked scary touched our bodies in the strangest places
Sweat from the white man's head
Fell on our daughters as she cried givin' white man head
Almighty, alrighty, niggas is screwin'
God won't You tell me why these ho niggas is screwin'?
I'm sorry, Father, sacrifice me, leave my wife
Sacrifice me twice, so my kids can see paradise

So we heed our God, King Selassie I
Jahova God, Jah Rastafari
Who is seated in Zion an' reigneth in all
In the hearts of all flesh, oh

Let my task, oh, Jah, with them that strive with me
Fight against them, oh, that fight against me, oh
Take hold thy shield an' rock an' stand up for my health
Oh, Jah, oh, Jah, only you can comfort me

La la la
Whoi, stand out

Curse to the wicked snakes who try to snatch the truth away
Cursed be the ones who try to take our youth away
Peace to the black, the brown, the red, yellow an' white seed
We don't discriminate man over color, creed
They tried to snatch up our beats, son an' steal our culture
An' German Catholics, whitewashin' Roman sculptures
How dare you try to deny Allah's intelligence?
Kidnap the truth an' destroyin' the black evidence

Glory be to the Father, Glory be to the Son
Glory be to the Holy One, the Holy One of creation, whoi
As Jah was in the beginnin', is now an' forever shall be
Jah world, Jah world without end, whoi

So we heed our God, King Selassie I
Jahova God, Jah Rastafari
Who is seated in Zion an' reigneth in the hearts of
In the hearts of all flesh, whoi

Autor(es): Wu-Tang Clan

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