Stereo Total

J'ai Faim

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J'ai faim
Parce que tu n'es plus là
Je crève de faim
Tu n'es plus avec moi ...

Baba au rhum, mousse au chocolat
Pêches Melba, stracciatella
Choux à la crème, caramel, nougat
Poires Belle Hélène, barbe à papa

J'ai faim...

Charlotte aux fraises, langues de chat
Papayas, ananas, noix de Cachou
Cookies, brownies, candies, lollies
Ice cream, Vanilla dream

J'ai faim...

Since you left all I wanna do is eat
My heart's exploding with chocolate treats
My head's sad and my stomach hurts
Craving everything that's sweet in the world
When tears fall down on my empty plate
When all I wanna eat is my missing mate
Cos' I'm on my knees, eating candy
Replacing my love with special sweets
So hug me, love me, get up on me
Marzipan you're the only one loving me
Around my mouth and deep inside
I'm gonna eat you up until I die
So kiss me, kill me, as long as it's you
Wrapping round my lips, and in tune
With a taste so sweet that I can't resist
Cheating on my lover that I dearly miss

J'ai faim...

I am hungry
Cause you're not here anymore
I am starving
Cause you're not here anymore...

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