Shakin' Stevens

Lawdy miss Clowdy

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Oh now Lawdy Lawdy Lawdy Miss Cloudy
girl you sure look good to me
Please don't exile me baby
Tho' it can't be me

Because I give you all my money
Girl you just won't to treat me right
You like to ball in the morning
Don't come back until at night

I'm gonna tell
tell my mama
Lawdy I'm gonna tell her
what you been doing to me
I'm gonna tell everybody
that I'm down in misery

now Lawdy Lawdy Miss Cloudy
Girl you sure look good to me
You just wheeling and rocking
you're just a fine as you can be

Well so bye bye bye baby
Girl I won't be trouble no more
Goodbye Cloudy
oh darling
down the road I'll go.

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