Jail Freestyle #2

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When it come to knife or tha big gun play
You get jonny gilled up and rubbed tha wrong way
Ja you a wanna be pop
You Wanna get shot
Your baby mamas a dude she be suckin my cock
Yo it's T.O.N.Y-Y.A.Y.O
Im death on 2 legs so nigga read your bible
When I pull up hollowtips will go right thru ya
I'll have ya curled up like a fuckin cheese doodle
You cant come thru tha hood they dont love ya in hollis
And your record sales dropped 'cause you puttin out garbage
Ima murder and killa
G-UNIT guirella
Shoot out ya pancreas and ya liver
When It comes to tha beef ima handle my buisness
'cause you never sold crack you jahova witness
Yo irv man pussy and chris is wild
He shot emself like chedder bob in tha middle of 8 mile
You know my style AK's and attomies
And plungers and broom sticks to rape Ashanti

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