Jam Kids

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This is dedicated to nick cave

On the fourth of july
In the dark of the setting, setting suns
All the jam kids came out
For they knew they had a leader
They knew they had a new man

God plagues you when you look at me like that
I'll leave you for a dollar
It's all I need to get on my way
On my way home

I said I'm leaving
Try to break me
Lies won't break me
My heart is a carriage
And my soul is the horses

Do you think that I might phone
Is the answer to your question
I don't know, I don't know, I don't know
I don't know, I don't know, I don't know, etc

I imagine my christmas is not like your bar mitzvah
Light the candle, light the candle, burn out

Don't expect it when it goes wrong
Don't expect much, and if it goes wrong
They will say you're the one
And your snout is like an elephant's trunk
When I'm naked I like to wrap
My harvesting piece around it
Would you like my harvesting piece
It's a special, special piece
And I wear it for my niece
Such a cute, cute little kitty
Playing with her mittens
Why don't you
I knitted them for you
It was a private, private gift
Did you tell your mother
If she hears about it
She'll feel bad, yeah

Don't make no sense
December, december jew
December, december jew

(Ha, that was evil)