Quindon Tarver

Leave The Lights On

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I Like Your Smile
Don't Like Complication
I Like Your Style
Don't Like Calculation
Come Towards Me, Dear
There's Something U Need 2 Hear


I Said If U Want My Love
U Can Try My Love
U Can't Buy My Love
Just Take My Hand
If U Want Me, Dear
Then Just Beckon, Dear
And I Will Appear
I Said-u Can Leave the Lights On
U Can Leave the Lights On

I Believe in Love, Dear
Without Limitation
Believe in Being Clear
2 Avoid Aggravation
If U Want Me 2
I Will Exist Just For U


I Will Mesmerize With Milky Thighs and Languid Eyes,
I'll Prophesize Your Moans and Sighs
Just Look At Me Sacredly, Religiously, Hungrily,
Let Your Eyes Say, "Please," I Will Not Leave


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