The Loved Ones


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I'm sick of feeling like i lost this fight
I'm sick of graying out the wrongs and rights
I'm pulling out of here to clear my sights

So hear me out baby and dry your eyes
I'd write it out but it would just seem trite
I'm pulling out of here with holy spite

But I've got this guitar and I can barely play

How could we have known about what was in store?
You never pictured me walk out this door
I guess we didn't know just what we swore
Down at the broke down reservoir

Could we have one more shot for both our sakes?
Can we slow it down and give not take
'cause if you can't forgive me for my mistakes
My heart will break

See I've got my guitar that I can barely play
And I betray a piece of your heart each time i go away
But redemption comes harder when your choosing not to pray

We can't stay innocent if we just run and hide
No remedy for scars and tears you've cried
My mind would ease if you told me your heart
Won't change if you knew that i tried

No innocence if we just run and hide
No remedy for all those tears you cried
My mind's a mess 'cause you told me your heart's changed and
You don't know if I tried

Autor(es): Dave Hause / The Loved Ones

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