Roy Clark

January April And Me

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In the 1957 blue and green two door sedan
We divided all we own I've packed all I can
The back seat's piled high with things in the front seat tears are flowing
And I'm driving down a lonely road without a single thought to where we're going

But January April and me
We're pulling out so you can be the girl you wanna be
Go get 'em little Miss uptown ride high ride free
But say goodbye to January April and and me

The tiny rocker teddy bear and dolls are gone and won't be in your way
I forgot to take that ol' pipe you never liked just throw it away
I don't think April understands but January's crying
I know what her heart is going through
Here we are the three of us leaving the rest of us
Knowing you're the part of all we do

But January April and me...

Say goodbye to January April and and me
But January April and me...

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