Absurd Minds

Legal Force

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Wrong place
Wrong time
Am I a victim or will I be a culprit?
Too many pictures of abundance
They seduce me
Now I'm a culprit
They caught me
They sentence me to custody
Sitting in a prison cell
Now I'm so alone
Thinking about my offense
Wishing I were home

A prisoner talks to me

Legal force can't reach me
In my mind I'm so free
They can't break me
'Cause I am strong
Breakdown, they've got a long wait coming!

They can't break me
They can't reach me
There's no evil
There's no good
It exists only in your own reality
However your thought
So is your realm
Don't waste your minds on guilt
Find out yourself and learn

A voice talks to me

Autor(es): Absurd Minds