Vae Victis

We are the subculture

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In the year 69
Born a passion in their hearts
Young people angry with the system
And wanting to dance

For flag that cross
And his friendship like a code
Are the values of a culture
That no one can't stop

The feeling was spreading over
As a symbol of unity
In their heads an ideal
These boots on our feet

They fight for what is theirs
The kids with shaven heads
Those jeans so tight
And the polo shirt of the bay

And although everything have changed
Today that anger is alive
We keep on and don't think to stop
We'll be forever young

We are the subculture
Remember your roots
Defend your Homeland
And smash that fucking rules

We are the subculture
Remember your roots
We gonna wake up
And go to fuck that scum

And times have changed
And we almost stay
We differentiate details
We changed the boots by the three stripes

And remember, my friend
If you like beer
Or you collect vinyl
This is your place