Jidai To Iu Express (translation)

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That night, unable to sleep i watched late night tv the woman who looked like an okama on the tv seemed so great
From now on, these clothes and hairstyle have been decided if you don't want to be late, you must go to the store
While saying i'm sorry, i gazed at your face
The express called 'era' everyone is gradually pushed into it the express called 'era' without blinking
The express called 'era' it has no rails, not even brakes the express called 'era' where is the last stop?
One morning in front of the station, a friend was waiting an election publicity car went back and forth
If you quietly listen the world seems peaceful with the politicians' efforts, tomorrow should be bright too
I thought it was all lies but the town is definitely peaceful
The express called 'era' the dissatisfied customers are a dream but the express called 'era' don't show them the express called 'era' if you blindfold the driver the express called 'era' it will go even faster
The express called 'era'...

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