Dead Silence Hides My Cries

John Doe

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Woke up in this place with no memory
I can call to mind nothing from my past

I started my life from a blank sheet with nothing in it
I dun no who to trust trying to guess are you friend or foe

I keep on searching
And I will be seeking
For the only truth
For the only truth
Full of confusion
And stuck in delusion
I just want to find
The truth defined

I wish, I found someone that I knew before
I have no grasp, no purpose what to do?

I am trying hard to understand my destination
I know that I should do something that will make great sense

Truth (the real truth) is close to me
Time (it is time) to seize who I am

I found the answers to my questions
I came to save this world from spreading rot and wane

I know my meaning now and I will give a vow
To make this world a much better place

I'm done with searching
And finished the seeking
For the only truth
For the only truth
No more confusion
And free from the delusion
I managed to find
The truth defined

I know who I am

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