George Thorogood & The Destroyers

John Hardy

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John Hardy oh he was a deperate little man
Carried a gun everyday
Well he shot down a man on a West Virginia line
And they seen John Hardy gettin' away, poor ole boy,
Seen John Hardy gettin' away

But they cornered John Hardy on a tombstone bridge
Thought that he was free
But a deputy sheriff came and caught him by the arm
He said, Johnny come and go with me, poor ole boy,
Come and go with me

John Hardy had a mother and a father too
Tryin to go his bail
But there was no bail out for the mother and man
They put ole John Hardy back in jail, poor ole boy,
Throw John Hardy back in jail

John Hardy had a pretty little wife
The dress that she wore was blue
She ran through the jailhouse, she fell down on her knees
She said Johnny I been true to you, yes I have,
Johnny I been true to you

John Hardy he stood inside his cell
The tears rollin from his eyes
I've been the death of many an honest man
Now I am going to die alone, now I am goin to die

Well I've been to the east, and I've been to the west
I've been this whole wide world round
I've been to the north, and I've been way down south
Now take me to my hangman's ground,
Take me to my hangman's ground

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