Jones Chronicles

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You've been our hero
since the day you escaped the rock in indian cave
and beloach stole the golden kidso
marcus almost lost his lid
now abners gone
you're in nepal and you've helped build the staff of rah
sala helps you find the well of souls
ark of the covenant is in some big hole
you found the ark
beloach died so you and shortround left shangi
reggie followed you and now you've got to find the secret stones
somehow you eat eyeball soup and monkey brains roaches
and escaped from the chains
you found the key ooh indy you're such a nutcase
indiana joooonnneeesssindiana
your dads not dead and lisas cute
but she knows germany and hitler too
but in the end she dies dead as a log
did you know you're named after your dog
once again you find what you're looking for
holy grail of the Lord
diamonds gold women rubies
why didn't they ever make more movies