Jopo's Bicycle

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I woke up way too early uh oh, the telephone
It's my lady calling sayin'"Babe I'm so alone
Why dontcha come on over I just got to see your face
I really miss you baby where ya been all these days
Ï said "Baby just a minute I'll be there to hold you tight
She said "It'd better be a minute cuz I couldn't stand to wait"
So up, shower, a dab of brillantine
The 'hey good-looking gonna see my girl' routine
Gonna see my girl

I got out my bicycle rode all the way uphill
Big truck up ahead of me who's load begain to spill
A man who walked his dog got hit, fel down in front of me
The bike wrapped around him, the dog, and me
The dog spied a cat and dragged us down an alleyway
I heard a shot and doggie ran away Ran away

This is trouble city I have got myself into
Somebody is coming and me I cannot move
A big man with a golden tooth is brandishing his gun
He sez "I was waiting for two Chinamen but you've spoiled the fun
I didn't mean to shoot, but you've forced me to,
Man it was in selfdefence I mean what can you do"
What can you do

I didn't have n answer I just didn't wanna stay
When the man who walked his dog, turned to me to say
"This is all your fault you know, you're going have to pay"
I'd struggled free and I say "Well, I must be on my way
You can keep the bicycle it colours with your face
Good luck with the Chinamen and now I gotta race" Gotta race

I'm running, I'm running, she doesn't wanna wait
Already I have lost a lotta time and I mustn't be late
I ran all the way to her house I was all down and out
I rang the bell and she said "Well, what is this all about?
You said you'd be a minute, it's taken you an hour!
You are always late, I can't take it anymore" Can't take it anymore

And now I sit here in my room I dunno what to do
My bicycle is total loss, my babe and I are through
I pick up my guitar and I play the blues
Mrs. next-door neighbour who is heavy into booze
Breaks an empty bottle as she bangs it on the wall
Her husband shouting through the building this is all my fault
Don't anybody like me? Anyone at all
D-d-d-don't anybody like me? Anyone at all
Why doesn't anybody like me? Anyone at all Aha
Why doesn't anybody like me? Anyone at all Mmm
Don't anybody like me?, what's wrong with me?
Why me?

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