Just a dream

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A dream is just a dream
A dream is just a dream without you
A dream is nothing more
A dream is nothing less without you

A song is not a song
A song is not a song without words
There's no right or wrong
There's no right or wrong without intelligence


The man next door is your brother
Just like that person in the mirror
You and I reflect one another
How long shall we run from the truth
Yes we can run but we can't hide
Oh no no no no no
No me without you
No you without me just like a team
Me for you
And you for me
The way we ought to be no in betweeen
What's the use of a telephone if nothing
is at the other end
It's time we realized that no one no one
stands alone


Sky's the limit and we ain't gonna stop
Some way some how we've got to unite
Love's without measure
Sweeter than a lollipop
Come on come on down and take a bite
Go tell it to the town
Go tell it all around
But please remember now
Oh please remember that

Seasons come and seasons go
Just like the water flows when it rains
There's much to be achieved
If only we believe in you and me
Let your feelings go
Let the rhythm flow
Where it may
Freedom comes from deep within
Listen to the children sing
Oh hear them say


by Preto

Autor(es): Clinton Fearon

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