Just Another Chance

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I'm closing my eyes now, alone in my room
I am looking back at the things that I have done
I went into battle, I conquered it all
But now I am dying, forgotten, all alone

In my desperation I'm starting to doubt
That glory and power is what life is all about
As my life is fading I wish I could trade
All of my riches for just another chance

Turn back the time, I regret all the things I have done
Father, please forgive me... Everything just went so goddamn wrong
I realized my faults, but what's been done can not be taken back
And all I ask of you: JUST ANOTHER CHANCE

In sorrow I'm weeping, In desperation I'm crying
Just another chance
In failure I'm breaking, forgotten I'm dying
Just another chance

My nation divided, the people enslaved
They suffer in silence as they're creeping to their graves
My so called achievements, what have they been for?
In my final hour death is knoking on my door

I cared about honour and what I dreamt of
Was almighty power, not a never ending love
My life has been wasted but now it's too late
There's no turning back now, endless torture is my fate

Turn back the time...

In sorrow I'm weeping...

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