Cledus T. Judd

Just Another Day In Parodies

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Writers screamin
Phones ringin
My lawyer says that the mailman's bringing me a stack of cease and desist
Man I'm getting sick and tired of this
After my last album
My accountant
Said I owed about a hundred thousand
In legal bills retainer fees
Wish everybody'd stop suing me
Cause all I did was take a hit song
Swear I didn't know it
When I rewrote it
That I was doing anything wrong

Well if Phil Vassar's mad at me
Well it's just another day in parodies
Well there's no song that's safe from me
Well it makes sure, we'll see
But I won't get any royalties
Still I ask my label pretty please
Ooh oooh for just another day in parodies

I'm a big star
New cars
Never thought I'd take a joke this far
At the CMA's I sit beside
Garth Brooks and his ex-wife
But lately seems like
I catch hell for every song I write
Funny videos I've done a few
Making people laugh is all I wanna do
But last might I had a bad dream
CMT banned me
GAC canned me
They won't play no more comedy

Well lawsuits legalese
It's just another day in parodies
But there's nothing else I can really sing
I'll take one of Faith's Two of Tim's
I always have good luck with them
That's my very own recipe
For just another day in parodies

If Shania Twain's mad at me
It's just another day in parodies
But deep down she want to be Cledus T
Cha-ching, cha-ching
I wish the cash register would ring
Oh I bet that Weird Al would agree
It's just another day in parodies
It's just another day in parodies

Autor(es): Craig Wiseman / Phil Vassar

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