Just As You Are

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I Am Searching For a Love That Is Truly Blind.
I Am Learning That This Life Is An Uphill Climb.
I Am a Sinner Desperately in Need of a Home.
I Am Cleaner When I'm Standing in the Shadow of His Throne.
Every One of Us Is Different, But in Jesus We Are the Same.
Every One of Us Has a Unique Blend of Loves and Hurts, Hopes, and Pains.

So Come Just As You Are;
Just As You Were;
Just As You Always Will Be.
Come; You Are My Brother; You Are My Sister;
You Are My Family.

I Am a Beggar Begging For Alms of Understanding.
I Am a Sailor, Sialing Just to Find a Holy Landing.
I Am Poor in Spirit Anchored in the Sea of My Sin.
So I Run to Him Who Calms the Seas and Stops the Wind.

(Jesus Said) Come to Me You Who Are Weary,
And I Will Give You Rest For Your Souls.
It Doesn't Take a Formula Or Theory;
Come to Me and Be Bold.

Come Just As a Child Would Be, Meek and Mild and Free,
Innocently Seeking All His Grace.

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