Just Bounce

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Lazy Eyes
My love wanna go first this time?
OK! Let's do it!
Show to them all baby!

I spent a lot of time
I've already lose my mind
But I'm really tryin' to forget
Forget that you were never mine
Because I love you so
Because I need you so
So prove that you change your mind
That you're not this bad type of guy
What were you looking for
I was here all the time
Why you're so nervous this way
Just because now I know all your lies
I'm always by your side
I know I'm cool and hot
Let's start our history again
I'm your girl you're my man.

Andressa: Everytime I try to go away you come back
Lazy : What do you think that I should do, because I'm without you I'm feeling so screwed
Andressa : Baby let me show you how I care
Lazy: But you need to understand , I ran away because I was scared.
Andressa :
Baby you were gone and now you're back
Lazy: I don't know if I can trust you cuz you lied so many times
Andresssa: Please decide if you're a man or a rat
Lazy : Girl Shhhhhhhhhhh! Just Bounce! Just Bounce!

Lazy Eyes:
So now I need to proceed sexy style
It's not my type
But I'm doin' it for you this time
And girl I can think just in you on my lines
No matter the kinda rhyme
You're the girl of my life
You're the star I just manage your light
Andressa I really want you forever by my side
So ladies just break it down and get down to the floor
As I'm showing to my girl how much I love her!
Girl I love you so much!
And as the girl is shaking that ass
I'm begging sorry for my mess
You're the one , and together we're the best!


If you wanna be the best get down on the floor
I'll show what to do get down on the floor
Me and my girl we get down on the floor
So everybody rocks get down the floor

If you wanna be the best get down on the floor
No mather what they say just get down on the floor
Andressa show them how to get down on the floor
Lazy Eyes come to me and get down the floor

Lazy Eyes:
Please honey don't do that don't wanna get a heart attack
You're danm hot! stop it! holy crap!

Seeing dancing like this , words don't come out
I'm stunned please someone close my mouth
Come on everybody in the house make some noise and check it out
Wanna see hands clapping with the sound
Hail to da lady and to da lord of the south
Lazy : Dj put the chorus on the track! ( chorus in )


Autor(es): Lords Of The South

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