Just Know Dat

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Just know that
Just know that
Just know that
Just know that
Baby just know that
Just know that
Just know that
Just know that

[Chorus: x2]
I've been grindin all my life and waitin for the shine if u ain't about
that money then u wastin up my time and

I'm fittin to take off!

Baaa back on the bloc
Lookin for the bris yea I'm back in the loc jus know dat in a peanut
butter dunk when I pull up yeah I bring that funk jus know dat jus
know dat bitch threw 2 to me I threw 4 back baby jus know dat jus
know dat I'm a real nigga don't know why I hold back yes I'm fresh
fly to the T my ice don't shine baby girl it ski yes I'm me weed in
the grass call him roid he a pain in the ass don't even ask jus know
dat these other niggas slow I'm go fast let's go fast do u wanna roll
in rover with a pocket full of doe with a hood rat roll with em

[Chorus x2]

Yeah I'm a dread head baby pop be weezy come through blazin
leave u steamin shitin on ladies shitin on kids pull up on the block
and jus be shittin at him old car new rims bad bitch lookin like who
dat is? bitch that's me jus know dat and I like my flag red and my?
throw back I live on the beach and your bitch know dat on the way
to opa loca bringin brisco back but flo rida called on my t mo
black... berry and I told em where we at bout to hit in fact and
diamonds in fact flo rida hard as a 6 ack no homo shit cause
matter of fact I ain't got 6 I got 4 but she said she can work with
dat bratttttt!

[Chorus x2]

Jus know dat jus know this I'm grindin I'm focused I'm stuntin I'm
shinin my buisness they mindin jus know dat jus know dat dey
rookies I'm throwback got money on my mind let's get it jus know
dat if u pay I'm with it

Jus know dat jus know dat jus know dat jus know dat yea I'm a bald
head baby call him kojak and buckwheat weezy boy believe dat

[Chorus x2]

Autor(es): A. McColister / B. Mitchell / T. Dillard