Just Water, You Navigate

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A rim rove all alone
Grew a long long road
And I...

Tonight, up to me,

Turn around,
Down, where feather I found.
Soaked, invaded.

And I...

In light...

Can day come better?
Don't doubt.

Can a day turn the love in a dumb diary?
Tuned note forms a life.

You know alone its changing...

Like borders underground.

"Did you run around?" - I say.

Where end?
I, go, where, no way.
Nowhere land around, I flow from time.

Wall, tearing.

Now I'm rowing, rowing,
Foreign world, one way blind, now.

Time, to go,
Whole way.
To all eternal I row.
To wave it all behind.

Golden reign yet to know.
Loud I heard:
"Where's days light?"
How to know in mind?

Rewrite it and survive that alone.
Fool, we're wasting the time, we are so blind.

Knowing alone where to flow.

Tide up your realm.
So dive...

Tired and awake.
So dive... and cry over.

Well, that ain't all around you.

Come away, I'm not afraid.
Alive, afraid of all the way,
Long run,
I lay alone,
I pay alone my try.

A guide around here,
Where there are no tear.

Can it unbar doors?
Rider on the field...

Cause winter,
Familiar matter, for the dirty lives.

On a real and dark reverse, rim comes again.

Autor(es): Danilo Herbert / Miguel Spada / Mindflow / Rafael Pensado / Ricardo Winandy / Rodrigo Hidalgo